Reduce Airborne Particulates

Surgical Site Infections cost the U.S. healthcare system an estimated $3.5-$10 billion annually* and there is correlation between air contamination values and infection rates. Ultrasuite® +Climate solution has proven evidence of reducing airborne particulate levels in the critical operating room space.

Source: Ban KA, Minei JP, Laronga C, et al. American College of Surgeons and Surgical Infection Society: Surgical site infection guidelines, 2016 update. J Am Coll Surg. 2017;1:59-74.

Legacy HVAC design and current design code minimums may leave risk of surgical smoke exposure. Ultrasuite® +Climate pushes the smoke away from the staff, towards the low-level returns, and out of the room.

Mitigate Surgical Smoke Exposure

Improve Thermal Comfort

Ultrasuite® +Climate offers full control of multiple operating modes with the touch of a button. The system utilizes precision Antec Controls to maintain airflow, temperature, and humidity while offering an interactive view on a 15” touchscreen display.

Price Industries is the only manufacturer that can provide all components of a high air change system under one brand. The Ultrasuite® +Climate system reduces lead-time and maximizes factory-built components to ensure the shortest possible construction downtime.

Accelerate Project Timelines

Healthcare Professionals

Improve patient outcomes, enhance the operating room environment

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Designers & Builders

Packaged system, maximized customer value

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