SSI Reduction

Surgical site infections cost the U.S. healthcare system an estimated $3.5-$10 billion annually.* There is a correlation between air contamination values and infection rates. The Ultrasuite® +Climate solution has proven evidence of reducing airborne particulate levels in the critical O.R. space.

Patient Benefits

Current design code minimums can provide ineffective clean air columns depending on varying procedures with differing supply air temperatures. Ultrasuite® +Climate utilizes a large, unobstructed laminar flow diffuser array with integrated HEPA filters to provide clean air where it is needed the most.

Patient hypothermia can be compounded by inefficient HVAC design which focuses cold supply air on the sedated patient. Ultrasuite® +Climate eliminates this issue by decreasing the delta between supply air which helps the clean air column to maintain it’s desired footprint.

Ultrasuite® +Climate provides a robust array of HEPA filtered air to protect the patient and ensure that the surgical staff remain within the clean air column which pushes airborne particulate to the perimeter of the room.

ASHRAE 170 minimum standard

Ultrasuite +Climate

Staff Benefits

Full Control

Ultrasuite® +Climate offers full control of the operating room environment. The added airflow, which can be controlled at the touch of a button on a 15” touchscreen display, ensures that supply air is consistent between staff and patient.

High Quality Lighting

Reduce glare, eye strain, and shadows with high quality lighting. Lighting at the surgical table is optimized with the Ultrasuite® +Climate positioned directly above the patient, reducing shadows within the surgical zone.

Surgical Smoke Mitigation

Legacy HVAC design and current design code minimums may leave risk of surgical smoke exposure. Ultrasuite® +Climate pushes the smoke away from the staff, towards the low level returns, and out of the room.