Vertical Integration

Ultrasuite® +Climate is a fully integrated solution that accelerates project timelines through vertical integration while providing the best possible value to customers.

Price Industries is the only manufacturer that offers all components of a high air change system under one brand, ensuring the quickest lead times possible and flawless operation of all system components.

Next Generation Design

Patient hypothermia can be worsened by inefficient HVAC design which directs cold supply air at sedated patients. Ultrasuite® +Climate eliminates this issue by decreasing the delta between supply air which helps the clean air column to maintain it’s desired footprint.

Other benefits include:

Reduced Design Efforts

Manufacturer creates design based on reflected ceiling plan, medical equipment drawings, and mechanical drawings.

Single Source Supply

Reduced coordination between trades, simplified timeline management, and seamless installation on site.

Faster installation

Pre-fab modules reduce installation time.

Reduced Congestion

Accomodate medical equipment and ASHRAE 170 table coverage.

Control & Performance

Ultrasuite® +Climate offers full control of multiple operation modes at the touch of a button. The high air change solution allows room temperature to be adjusted rapidly and controlled with precision, utilizing precision.

Antec Controls maintain airflow, temperature, and humidity while offering an interactive view on a 15” touchscreen display.

Energy Efficiency

By installing local fan coil units, the total system design can be made more energy efficient. The Ultrasuite® +Climate solution can also be used to maintain HEPA-filtered air changes and reduce ductwork by providing the code minimum of outside air.